Client Stories

Couple Goals

A couple that works out together, motivates and gets results together!

Vikas and Snowy are both very disciplined with their Fitness Training as well as Diet.

Vikas went down from 95kg to 80kg, while Snowy went from 80kg to 63kg. They have both maintained their weight with dedication and regular training.

Snowy suffers from PCOD, which makes the weight loss process harder, so she needs to be extra careful of her diet.

We used Strength Training combined with Cardio, 5 days a week to achieve results for both of them.

8 Week Challenge

If you don’t challenge yourself, you will never realise what you can become!

It is certainly what this determined lady realised when she completed our 8 week challenge. She lost over 8 kgs and 31cms over all, but besides weight loss what she achieved was a healthy lifestyle. Through disciplined work out and balance diet, she become more aware of the benefits of exercise on her over all mental and physical well being.

Even though she is a busy mum, now she takes out time to maintain her health and weight, without restricting any food groups and she manages to take care of herself, while enjoying the process.

Managing Diabetes

Fitness is so much more than exercise, its a catalyst for positive changes in every aspect of your life!

When this lovely mum came to Neel’s Fitness, she had Diabetes type 2 and was heavily dependant on Insulin, taking it almost 4 times a day. In 8 weeks, she lost over 10kgs and about 40cms over all. Although, her biggest achievement was a balanced and healthy lifestyle that helped her get off the medicine and manage her Diabetes purely with good food and regular exercise.

She works full time and has a 7 year old, which gives her a lot of reasons to make excuses. However, the right balance and healthy lifestyle she found with Neel’s Fitness, gives her motivation to stay disciplined and keep going.

Losing Weight with PCOD

Good exercise and nutrition can improve the function of the whole body in every way!

When this lovely mum of a 5 year old came to Neel’s Fitness, she had a history of PCOD with periods that prolonged for 1 year continuously and after her first child, she was unable to lose weight or conceive anymore. Once we started her on regular exercises and right diet, first her periods stopped, then she lost weight, gained muscle mass and improved fitness massively by running 5km daily!

With sheer commitment to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and focusing 100% on her goals, she continues to lose inches regardless of her hormonal treatment.




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