Be Consistent To Stay Motivated!

How many of you want to look the best and have the best body?

How many of you actually start your fitness journey feeling motivated, only to last for a max of 4 weeks?


Why do we lose all our motivation so fast, here are a few of reasons:

  • Starting too hard a regime, which your mind and body is not used to
  • Coming down with aches, pains or injuries because there wasn’t a proper plan
  • Getting up on the scale almost daily to see the shift, changes take time but you expect quick results
  • Looking for a quick fix, whether its food or workout.

If you really want to see the change, try to develop CONSISTENCY in your daily life because you don’t need to be perfect, you just need to be consistent and gradually you will achieve long – term results with small steps that you take daily in the direction of your goals.

How Can Consistency Help You Stay Motivated?

Try Focusing on HABIT VICTORIES like:

  • Have I finished drinking enough water for the day?
  • Did I exercise today?
  • Did I hit my nutrition goal?
  • Did I challenge myself with the exercise?

Even something as simple as asking yourself, “did I do better than yesterday” can take you a step closer to your results. And don’t forget to congratulate yourself if you have done better than yesterday!

Remember, results do not happen overnight, but if you can focus on daily wins you will have something to be proud of each and everyday, which in turn will motivate you to do more.

In the end, we just need to find that happy balance and create that habit to see a permanent change.


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