Vegetarian Recipe: Black Bean Chow Mein

Tried something new, let’s call it the Black Bean Chow Mein😊
This meal has a lot of protein and fibre, even though its vegetarian because of black bean pasta and tofu



Black bean pasta
Green beans
Green capsicum
Firm tofu /chicken mince/pork mince or beef mince
Spring onion
Chilli paste
Dark soy
Sesame oil
Peanut oil
Garlic minced


In a pan put some peanut oil and put the veggies in. Don’t overcook it just keep it al-dante.

Then add tofu, chilli paste, soy sauce.

In another pot, boil some water and put the packet of pasta and cook it for 2mins.

Drain it and mix it with the veggies.

After it gets mixed properly, add sesame oil and spring onion

Note: My portion size in the photo is for 3 people, roughly 2 meals per person.

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