FAD Diets: Is It Really For You?

Did You Know? Fad Diets can be Fatal if NOT done properly!

Lately, there are so many FAD diets out there like Keto, Low Carb, No Carb, Intermittent Fasting, Water Diet, Carb Cycling, etc. etc. Each of them promises quick results, weight loss, easy fixes BUT…IS IT REALLY FOR YOU??

The reason I feel like sharing this post is because recently an Indian actress named Mishti Mukherjee passed away due to KIDNEY FAILURE as a result of the KETO Diet that she was following. There can be a number of reasons why it went so wrong, why something that she thought would make her healthy/fit ended up being the reason she lost her life.

I understand how tempting it might be to look for quick fixes and easy weight loss techniques BUT here are a few things you need to ask yourself before jumping into something just because, ” everyone else is doing it” or “it seems cool“.

Points to Consider Before Starting a Diet

  • WHY do you need it? To follow a trend or maybe you feel you NEED it
  • WHAT’s your goal? Weight loss or other health issues you need to fix
  • WHICH one is best for you? Based on your GOAL, BODY, FITNESS level, etc.
  • Where should you start? Do your RESEARCH first because there are so many options and every option has its pros and cons
  • How to go about it? Take an EXPERT’s opinion, someone who can give you suggestions based on your personal requirements and who also consider any health issues you might have

In the end, what really matters is your long term health so don’t START something just to get quick results because that won’t last. If you really want benefits and changes that stick, you have to DO THE WORK, PUT IN EFFORT, BE CONSISTENT and MAKE it HABIT.

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