Diaphragmatic Breathing Exercise

Diaphragmatic breathing is a type of a breathing exercise that helps strengthen our diaphragm.

The Diaphragm is an important muscle that helps us breathe. This breathing exercise is also sometimes called belly breathing or abdominal breathing. It has a number of benefits that affect your entire body.

Benefits of Belly Breathing:

  • Lowers the overall tension in the body
  • Increases oxygen flow in the body, which helps burning fat
  • Helps reduce back pain
  • Activates the inner most muscle of the abdomen, which is TRANSVERSE ABDOMINIS.
  • The transverse abdominis supports our internal organs and increases abdominal pressure so that we can lift more weight. It provides protection and stability, and controls the mobility of our lower spine segments. In addition, it enhances the muscular definition in the abdominal region.

How to Breathe with the Belly

While Breathing in, the tummy will come out. While breathing out, the tummy needs to be sucked in as if the wall of the tummy is touching your back. Keep breathing out untill you can’t breathe out any more!

Do this everyday, 10 – 12 reps x 3 times to get better result.

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